Building the 3D Lair Assault

It all started with Google+… I’d got a bunch of pre-cast Hirst Arts tiles and bricks from various sites around the country. The quality of them were shocking, badly cast, full of bubbles. I did the best I could with them, and made up the sample rooms Hirst Arts show on their site. I put some minis in them and they looked cool, well worth the effort of cleaning the bricks up, gluing and painting them. I posted pictures of these onto G+ and Mike Mearls saw them. We discussed the buildings and how I’d love to make the upcoming Lair Assault in them if it was feasible.

A couple of days later, a pdf of the adventure arrived in mailbox. The map was custom, and awesome. And more importantly, totally doable in the hirst arts stuff. I had a handful of tiles left over, so I built a couple of the rooms to test the size of them…

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