UK Tabletop Day

With Wil Weatons Tabletop series on Youtube being a success and causing a revival and mass interest in board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games, several of my friends have got together to organise the first UK Tabletop Day.

This event will hopefully be the first of several, and will be taking place on Saturday 31st August at Patriot Games in Sheffield, a short walk from the bus and train stations.

We’ll have various systems on offer on the day, so if you’ve never tried Catan, or you want to show off your skills at Ticket to Ride, come along.

The UK D&D Tweetup team will be at the event with a new 3d dungeon, demoing D&D Next. If you’ve not tried D&D Next, or have friends who you want to encourage to play, come along, and we’ll teach you the basics!

Sign up for the event here: