Tweetup Tour – Day 4 – York

Day 4 was the last stop on my mini UK tour. from Leeds it was a simple case of 2 local buses to get me to @PinkBatgirls work, and then a lift to their house. Daisy and Chris were my hosts for the evening, and I consider these two really close friends and know that they are great roleplayers. Of the choices, they opted for a 4e game since thats what they’ve played with their friends who would be there on the night, and so I decided i’d use the very excellent Kalarels Revenge adventure by Shawn Merwin. WotC had originally provided this for UKT2, and i’ve run a handful of times since, and everytime its been a great experience.

I had a full table of 6 for the event, 2 players I knew, 1 newbie, and 3 with a degree of experience. I went over the rough 4e rules – green as many times as you want per fight, red once, grey save for bad guys… I explained my house rule – the divine die, I explained that the adventure comes with detailed backgrounds and motivations, and that there are plenty of chances to gain the upperhand and attack your fellow players.

Kalarels Revenge is unlike any other 4e adventure. Consisting of 6 encounters, in which all but one a fight can be avoided, it is built around roleplaying and making choices and using your skills. From the DM’s point of view it provides plenty of hint on how to play the major npc’s and there are opportunities for npc’s to switch allegiance.

It starts off with a panicky lying halfling called Yohannus stuck in a cave with the adventurers following a storm… Yohannus is great to play as a whiny brat, who loses his temper easily. Being stood next to the Arykor player, a subordinate of Korag a bossy dwarven paladin, I could play on the rivalary between those two characters, and started fedding extra info to Arykor.

They managed to talk themselves out of the first fight, had a fight against wolf zombies, in which the drow slaughtered an ‘ally’ hobgoblin and tamed a wolf, attepted to murder the big bad hobgoblin Prang, made a truce, agreed to fight for the Rime Mistress, argued over who had Kalarels orb (thanks to some sneaky thievery – I don’t actually think the players yet alone the character knew who had it at one point), and eventually smashed the orb, the only way of stopping Kalarels return from undeath and his conquest of the Nentir Vale…

As always, Kalarels Revenge played out wonderfully, with nice simple characters, detailed backgrounds for people to use in their roleplaying, harsh combats and fun roleplaying!


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