Tweetup Tour – Day 3 – Leicester

Day 3 started with a rare occurence… breakfast… I filled my plate, and was going to go back for seconds when the restaurant filled up, so I fled and arrived at the bus station an hour early. This gave me some time to ponder my thoughts about D&D Next and D&D 4e. Day 3 was a relatively short travel, 2 hours to birmingham, a 40 minute wait and then an hour to Leicester. Birmingham coach station had changed a lot since the last time I was there nearly a decade agao, and I’ve never been to Leicester before…

The plan for Day 3 was to meet up with some old friends and play some of the new Star Wars Edge of the Empire game. I’d originally presumed this would be an evening game with 3 or 4 players, so planned an elaborate heist involving wining and dining imperial officers to steal a crystal… Leicester had other plans and had arranged an afternoon game that only Liam and Mik could attend. No worries, I’ll plan something different…

Except with all the other stuff going on, I never got round to it beyond a vague idea of a prison break on the Wookiee homeworld where the target was not what they expected…

Me, and the 2 players were all pretty confident EotE players, and aren’t phased by the games funky dice and narrative style where you can fail but something good happen, or succeed with something bad happen etc. When we all arrived we chatted a bit about the previous two days of the tour, and then I explained that I’d not planned the adventure and would be making stuff up to a vague plan as I went along. Having only played the officially released adventures so far, I felt this would be an interesting test of the system.

I won’t bore you with my account of the game, since Mik has done a great write up here:

In terms of how well the system worked, sure, there was a lot of railroading, and some things like slaughtering the stormtroopers using the security system were over the top, but the advenutre flowed, with me being able to adapt the story with ease as the dice played out.

Day 3 ended with me heading back up to Leeds and my own bed for a change. Mik and Liam had attempted to come to UKT4 earlier this year and a coach had messed up almost stopping them from making it… And I can understand why, Leicester coach station, and the National Express office there is diabolical. My coach arrived an hour early, drove round the corner for a ‘rest’, missed its set off time, and it was only when I started complaining that it turned up again over 15 minutes late.


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